Grass-fed lamb and mutton

Most of our flock are a hearty breed of wool sheep developed by Janet McNally at Tamarack Lamb and Wool. They are Dorset/Ile de France crosses. We also have a flock of Katahdin hair sheep, and a small handful of North Country Cheviots. All these sheep have been bred to thrive on grass and forbes with no grain, to lamb on pasture and take care of their own lambs, and to be hardy through long, cold, northern winters. We manage them using rotational grazing, moving them every 1-3 days to fresh pasture and allowing each paddock a long rest after being grazed. Our ewes have their lambs in May-June, and we bring the lambs to butcher starting in December. This year we have about 120 breeding ewes, about 60 younger ewe lambs who will be bred next year, 6 rams, and are hoping for around 175 lambs!


We grow about 2 acres of vegetables that are completely free of chemicals and harmful synthetic fertilizers. We grow about 12-14 different crops, mainly greens (salad mix, arugula, kale, chard), carrots, beets, radishes and turnips, and winter squash. Nearly all the veggies we raise are sold to Shared Ground Farmers' Coop. They run a CSA program as well as supplying restaurants and other food coops around the Twin Cities. We also sell at our local St. Croix Falls market. We are not certified organic, but plan to certify in the next few years. We are working hard to grow more vegetables without expanding the area we cultivate, by improving our weed control methods and soil fertility, minimizing tillage, and setting up more efficient systems.